Jonathan Author of Robopenguins

Souvenir Clock Figurines

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, we visited an area called Cat Street to look for souvenirs. One thing that caught my eye, was a model of mechanical clock sold by a few of the vendors. The clocks were pretty similar but had a different figures moving around in it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the birds or fish, but I got it with the intent of figuring out something else to put inside.

It was very easy to disassemble and I was able to remove the fish with a wire cutter.

One issue was that the wire to attach the bottom fish was almost right on the base, so I needed to solder on an extension.

I decided to go with a bit of a morbid “Time comes for us all” sort of theme, so I made a baby, old man, and skull

The old man was a little heavy, and the figure initially tilted until I used a bit of hot glue. In the end it came together pretty nicely.