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CLI Murder Mystery

For old time’s sake, I decided to do a quick write up of the cute “educational” mystery game that tests your Bash knowledge This is very reminiscent of the...

Toy Controller WiFi

A friend of mine gave me a baby toy to hack awhile back, and I finally got a chance to take a crack at it.

Running Syncthing on ancient QNAP NAS

Syncthing is a Dropbox alternative that I’ve wanted to try out. I decided to set it up to run on my decade old QNAP NAS.

Software Bug Hunt

Recently, at work, I was faced with one of the more satisfying bug hunts that I’ve had in awhile.

Server Side Site Analytics

I’m removing Google Analytics from my blog, but I’d still like to see view counts. To do this I’m running my own analysis on the HTTP request logs provided by...

Running Card Conjurer Locally

Unfortunately, the custom magic card creation tool Card Conjurer has been taken down by Wizards of the Coast. However, you can still use the tool if you run it locally....