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Creating a Library for Google Nest API Monitoring

After the Roomba and Reolink, I thought Nest devices would be a snap. How wrong I was. Google made this much, much then it had any right to be.

Reolink Python API with checkmk

Who watches the watchmen? In this case I set up a check to monitor my security cameras.

Roomba Python API with checkmk

I wanted to know what my Roomba was up to without going through official channels.

Creating Home IT Monitoring with checkmk

My home has a lot of computers and other devices on the network. To the point where I decided to set up some monitoring infrastructure.

A Sun Following Chair for my Cat

I wanted to do a quickish project over my time off for the holidays. I had a recently broken a coffee grinder, and it inspired me to automate a chair...

Scraping a web journal with Selenium

Last year I kept a daily journal using the Journey android app. After falling off the wagon, I wanted to export my entries to a more durable format, so I...