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Arts and Crafts Odds and Ends

Here’s a bunch of other old projects I dug up while updating the site that I’m throwing together into a pile.

First a bunch of 3d prints. I got a xyz da Vinci 3d printer pretty cheap a few years back. It was cheap since it wasn’t high quality and had proprietary cartridges. I probably spent more time hacking the thing then actually using it. First, I just messed with the EEPROM on the cartridge to allow me to refill it , but they eventually shut that down. Eventually, I ended loading an open source firmware

Here’s a cryptex I printed as a gift. Probably based on this design

I also gave some “deal with it” sunglasses to a painting in the apartment

Some other small pieces

Here’s a Tesla coil I made back in high school, I actually got stopped by school security for carrying the bucket with the high voltage warning through the hall. The design was similar to this

Here is a wedding gift I made for my dad. Simple LED kit stuck in an interesting casing.

Random Watchmen comic reference

Pyramid Head costume from back in college

Sword I carved as a kid

I took a shot at doing some aluminum smelting, but didn’t have much luck with it

Lastly, here’s a dune inspired spiced bread we baked