Jonathan Author of Robopenguins

Painting DnD Minis

For a non-software related project my wife and I recently had a chance to paint some miniatures for our DnD characters.

Decided to try to do it right, and got a few smaller brushes, some acrylic paint, and a wash (a watery paint used to shadow folds and crevices). Mostly followed the advice from this video MINIATURE BASICS. To finish the figures we used wood shellac since we had it lying around from another project.

First we painted a couple metal miniatures we got a long time ago, but never had a chance to paint.

I painted an half-orc librarian:

Solution 5

Solution 5

I was pretty happy with how this turned out, but in retrospect, I probably should have done the shawl and rope around the waste in their own colors.

Maria painted a cleric:

Solution 5

Solution 5

After that I painted a plastic figure I had 3D printed from Hero Forge:

Solution 5

Solution 5

I think I went a little too thick with the paint, the wash, and the shellac. It still looks OK, but I think the paint ended up obscuring some of the details.

Dungeons and Doggies

After sharing our new hobby with some friends, they were excited to tell us that they had supported a Kickstarter with cute animal RPG characters Dungeons and Doggies. Since they were nervous to actually give the painting a try they gave the figurines to us to paint.

Tedric the Chihuahua Rogue

Painted by me

Rogue 1

Rogue 2

Rogue 3

Rogue 4

Rogue 5

Rogue 6

Morgaine, the Dachshund Sorceror

Painted by Maria

Sorceror 1

Sorceror 2

Sorceror 3

Cornelius, the Golden Retriever Wizard

Painted by me

Wizard 1

Wizard 2

Wizard 3

Wizard 4

Wizard 5

Wizard 6

Cerysse, the St. Bernard Cleric

Painted by Maria

Cleric 1

Cleric 2

Cleric 3

Cleric 4

Cleric 5

Svetlana, the Beagle Barbarian

Painted by me

Barbarian 1

Barbarian 2

Barbarian 3

Barbarian 4