Jonathan Author of Robopenguins

A New Robopenguin Enters the World

My daughter was born 12/30/2021. This project was certainly more of an effort from my wife than me, though I saved the 100th article spot for the occasion.

This site is mostly an archive of my creative hobbies over the years, and in that respect I imagine I’ll be posting less frequently.

As I explored in my 99th article retrospective, it can be interesting to look back at the nature of what I spent time on over the years. Moving from mostly reproducing things I found online in high school, to college class projects, to the more out there stuff I thought of over the years. If I find the time to write, I imagine that the things I’ll record will be different in ways that reflect my new status quo.

More than anything, I hope that I can share my interest in creating things with my daughter. Her interests may not cover the electronics/programming I usually do, so who knows, maybe my next post will be about figuring out the optimal setup for finger painting.