Jonathan Author of Robopenguins

TV Mount Carpentry

I’ve been doing some entry level carpentry to make the TV’s around the house a little weirder.

I fully admit that these projects are somewhat shoddy, and don’t necessarily elevate the esthetics of the rooms they’re in. Still it’s been fun to slowly get a minimal competency in wood working. I’m not going into as much detail because honestly most of it was just measuring and cutting stuff with a circular saw.

Fireplace to TV Conversion

The first project was to mount a TV as a replacement for a fake fireplace:

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The fireplace was installed when we moved in, and we found it a bit impractical since it was just LED’s. It had a hollow behind it and we decided it would be fun to put a “secret” cabinet in.

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Since there was already a support, this was pretty much just a matter of measuring, cutting boards to the right size, painting, and nailing it all in place.

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I did get some nice trim to hide the edges somewhat.

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TV Window

We had a TV mounted in a room that we wanted to hide, so I built a cabinet with blinds.

We have a shop that sells second hand hardware, and I stumbled on the perfect sized blinds:

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The rest of the project was once again just cutting boards to fit. I did get a jig to drill pocket screws to mount the supports to the studs in the wall. It gives some interesting options for the TV watching experience.

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