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Outlaw Star Gillium II Clock

My brother and I used to watch the anime Outlaw Star together as kids, so I decided to get him something based on the show as a gift this year. Being...

A GPS Spoofing Work Project

One of my work projects from awhile back popped up on Ars Technica.

Scraping Google Maps for Traffic Data

I have a daily commute that I drive down the US 101 highway. The length of the drive can vary immensely with traffic, and I’ve always been curious what the optimal departure...

Security Camera From a Webcam

Here’s a quick project that came together the evening before a long vacation. In order to get a little piece of mind I wanted to set up a simple security...


This is a very simple evolution simulator.

Heart Monitoring

A project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in Germany, to use accelerometers to track heart motion to aid in robotic surgery.