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Playing Around With JTAG

While this wasn’t a particularly novel project, I spent some time trying to better familiarize myself with how the JTAG interface works.

Lying Game with React and Websockets

With the current call for social isolation, online games have been a way to get some level of socialization. Since a lot of the people I want to play with...

Building a TIS100 Node for an FPGA

It’s been awhile since I used an FPGA toolchain, so I was looking for a good project to use as a refresher.

Side-channel Attacks Using the Chipwhisperer

I finally had a chance to dig into the chipwhisperer. It’s a learning tool to teach about hardware security vulnerabilities like Side-channel attacks.

Painting DnD Minis

For a non-software related project my wife and I recently had a chance to paint some miniatures for our DnD characters.

Litter Box Reminder

Another simple “home automation” project. My wife mentioned it would be nice to have a way to keep track of when the cat litter was last cleaned. This is a...