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Visual Studio Code Multiline Find Extension

Visual Studio Code has been my text editor of choice for awhile. I enjoy that it’s a bit out of left field when it comes to the VIM vs Emacs...

Wreath Pixel Display

This idea was based on the concept of making a “Sound Catcher” pixel display. I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time, but only recently made the time...

New Scope

Quick demo of my new scope. I finally broke down and got one to help with an audio visualizer project I’m working on.

How do computers work?

Awhile back my great aunt asked me for some resources on learning about computers. I’d thought I’d upload the conversation to save it for posterity.

Version Control Game

I often get ideas to make games, but rarely have the time needed. I had an idea for a game mechanic based on version control, and thought it would be...

Eye Mobile

As a decorative project for the apartment, Maria and I made a mobile of eyeballs.