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Cat Door Sensor

I added a cat door to one of our windows to give our cat a bit more freedom to make up from our lack of attention due to the baby....

A Few Small Baby Projects

While I don’t have much time to make things, I have managed to do a few small projects involving my daughter.

Laser Engraving Wooden Boxes

I recycled some wooden boxes into card organizers. Mostly an effort in making art suitable for the laser cutter .

Making a Custom Hellboy Magic Deck

For an update on the custom card creator Card Conjurer mentioned in this article see this update: Running Card Conjurer Locally

Understanding C Struct Binary Representation

While C structures seem very straightforward, there are some surprising behaviors if you need to get consistent binary representations across different processors and compilers.

A New Robopenguin Enters the World

My daughter was born 12/30/2021. This project was certainly more of an effort from my wife than me, though I saved the 100th article spot for the occasion.