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99th Article Retrospective

I realized that I’m approaching my 100th article on this site. I wanted to take a look back at over the last 18 years of making things and see how...

Custom PCB Magic Card Game Life Tracker

I had my first circuit board printed. I made an extremely over engineered life total counter.

TV Mount Carpentry

I’ve been doing some entry level carpentry to make the TV’s around the house a little weirder.

Controlling WLEDs with Scratch

Scratch is an online visual programming tool meant to introduce children to programming. I made an extension that allows the language to control LEDs through a WLED controller.

Haunted Doll Keyboard with VUSB

I added a USB cable to a doll which would be detected as a USB keyboard, and give a personality quiz through notepad. The user starts and responds to the...

Two Keys Wedding Gift Box

I made a decorated box that opens when a magnet key is placed on both sides.