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Object to Be Destroyed

I decided to recreate a sculpture I saw while in Spain for my Optometrist to be brother. A very simple project, but I had fun making the lenticular eye.

Infinity Mirror

Infinity mirrors are an optical illusion that gives the impression of a long corridor, by sandwiching some lights between two mirrored surfaces. I’ve been interested in trying to make a...

Simple Doorbell Switch

Here’s a quick hack I through together to prevent jerks from ringing my doorbell late at night.

Blinky Statues

Over the holidays I wanted to come up with a simple project that could be somewhat streamlined for “mass production”. I’ve always liked working with clay and decided to make...

Outlaw Star Gillium II Clock

My brother and I used to watch the anime Outlaw Star together as kids, so I decided to get him something based on the show as a gift this year. Being...

A GPS Spoofing Work Project

One of my work projects from awhile back popped up on Ars Technica.