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Magic Box

A gift I made for Maria. Uses mana rocks to unlock a treasure.

Gwyndolin Costume

My 2016 Halloween costume. I made the mask, and Maria made the dress! Almost everything was handmade except for one layer of the skirt, the white wig, and one of...

High Voltage Lifter

One more high voltage project from highschool. This is a really simple ion thruster setup called a “lifter”

Potato Cannon

Another classic, I actually modified this one over the course of a couple years making a super sketchy cordless phone controlled version.

Pong Clock

Wow this is an old one. I’ve decided to go back and write up some of the first projects I did.

Switched to a new host

After having a flaky VPS host for a year or so decided to switch to a new slightly less flaky host. I tried to remove some of the weird custom...