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Dishonored 2 Jindosh Riddle

I wrote a quick script to solve a logic grid puzzle in Dishonored 2. It probably would be a decent tool for solving arbitrary logic grid puzzles.

Hacking Capture the Flags

I’ve been learning the basics of penetration testing and reverse engineering by doing capture the flag (CTF) puzzles.

Unity Cat Stopwatch Game

I wanted to make a very basic game to get a bit more experience with Unity, so I made a game base on how our cat stakes out her food...

Icosahedron Travel Globe

Well it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to travel, so to feel better I decided to make a memento to the big trip Maria and I went on last...

Playing Around With JTAG

While this wasn’t a particularly novel project, I spent some time trying to better familiarize myself with how the JTAG interface works.

Lying Game with React and Websockets

With the current call for social isolation, online games have been a way to get some level of socialization. Since a lot of the people I want to play with...